Chris M Rougier

Partner & Accounts Director
(613) 266-2300

A lot of marketing experts will help you get people to buy something. I help you get people to DO something.

Cause Marketing is a critical element to any plan for advocacy, not-for-profits, and associations. I will help you build all the marketing tools you need to tell your story.

Working in close collaboration with non-for-profit and political clients, I have been involved in direct mail, voter contact and data management for more than 15 years. I have become an expert in profiling and targeting potential supporters and donors for fundraising.

Prior to joining MPH Agency, I worked with all levels of government, both in Canada and internationally. I worked with the Conservative Party of Canada and over 50 municipal and provincial election campaigns across Canada. I also worked on federal elections in Australia and the UK, and worked on the 2012 Florida Primary and played a key role on the Presidential National Support Team. More recently, I was National Campaign Manager for the highly-publicized and ground-breaking Kevin O’Leary Leadership Campaign.

My experience can be focused on your advocacy marketing goal and our tools can be part of your arsenal of persuasion.

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