Specialty Printing

Large Format Printing

Sometimes size does matter!
Whether it’s for point-of-sale or exhibition displays, MPH Agency has years of experience in designing and producing high quality signage for events and campaigns of all kinds. From roll-up and vinyl banners, to signage and backdrops, our in-house experts have a solution that will work for you. Using UV inks, to prevent fading, and durable material, your campaign or event will benefit from visually appealing and impactful MPH Agency products for years to come.
MPH Agency also holds the record for largest campaign lawn sign in Canada (that’s kind of a BIG deal!) at 48 feet (14.7m) long!

High Impact Printing

It’s not just the image that tells your story. It’s your paper, your coating, the sharpness and texture of your colours. High quality printing is the distinction of MPH Agency print products. It’s done right, done fast, and looks good too.
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