The Activist Ladder

MPH Agency’s all-purpose tool for cause marketing MPH Agency is proud to be one of Canada’s leading cause marketing agencies. Our work has always surrounded the grinding task of moving audiences. Whether it is mobilization, awareness, engagement, or fundraising, we lead with the most effective and best tested marketing methods and tools. We have released […]
Chris Rougier | February 14, 2023

Marketing Tools & Channels: A Cause Based Perspective

MPH Agency is an industry leader within the cause marketing and public affairs advocacy space. Understanding how to evolve commercial marketing tactics and tools to apply to the public affairs space and specifically to your issue or awareness challenge is a specialty of our team at MPH Agency and what our STAMPS Solutions are designed […]
Chris Rougier | November 15, 2022

Celebrating Our History, Excited for Our Future!

Did you know that less than 25% of businesses survive past 15 years? It’s a statistic I think about often, because MPH Agency is going to turn 19 in 2022! As an Ontario based company we may have to invite you to join us for an event where we have our first beer.  With almost […]
Chris Rougier | February 11, 2022

When it comes to good cause marketing, size isn’t everything!

Marketing, particularly cause marketing continues to become more and more complex.The tools, the systems, and tactics used by marketers not only are complex, but are continually changing with market trends, consumer habits, and new technologies.
Chris Rougier | January 27, 2022

Communication, Determination & More Communication

We do our best at MPH Agency to recognize in our timelines the need for extra time for production, extra time for creative, extra time for approvals (always extra time for approvals), extra time for shipping (see last week’s post about paper supply), but when a project decides to go sideways there is never enough time.
Chris Rougier | January 19, 2022

Excuse me, would you have a ream of paper to spare?

If you want an effective advocacy campaign talk to me early in your process. We will have our eyes on your end product right from the start. 
Chris Rougier | January 14, 2022

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