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Chris Rougier

Partner & Account Director


I help you bring people together, drive engagement and blaze a trail with only the marketing tools you need to tell your story. Whether you’re a non-profit, political advocate, association or global enterprise, I’ll work with you to develop a strategic path that helps move your cause campaign forward with the communities that matter to you.

For over fifteen years I’ve been working with all levels of government across Canada and internationally to launch campaigns, mobilize communities, collect voter contact details and manage data.

An expert in crafting cause-driven stories and developing community-lead marketing strategies, let’s work together to achieve results with only the tools you need to blaze your trail.

Prior to joining MPH Agency, I worked with and campaigned at all levels of government, both in Canada and internationally. I worked for the Conservative Party of Canada from 2005 to 2012 and the Ontario PC Party from 2012 to 2014. During that time, I was involved in over 60 municipal and provincial election campaigns across Canada. I have also worked on elections in Australia and the UK, and worked on the 2012 Florida Primary and played a key role on the Presidential National Support Team. In 2017, I was National Campaign Manager for the highly-publicized and groundbreaking Kevin O’Leary Leadership Campaign.

Ray Coutu

Partner & General Manager


Ray Coutu is the general manager of MPH Agency and has been involved in the printing, publishing and direct mail industries for more than 25 years. He worked on Parliament Hill for 8 years in media and public relations during the Mulroney Administration and then became Director of Public Affairs at the Canadian Printing Association, where he successfully lobbied, and effected change on a national scale on issues such as NAFTA, copyright, environmental standards, and postal standards for the printing industry.

Ray is also a former national marketing manager at Xerox Canada in Toronto and helped pioneer personalized and variable printing techniques for direct mail and other commercial applications. Ray provides tactical advice to lobbyists and continues to innovate for print, mail and marketing projects for clients. He is the inventor of many direct mail innovations as well as a number of promotional items, including the Handee Sign - a camera and security-friendly crowd sign used at rallies both in Canada and the United States. He is also the recipient of multiple awards of excellence for his public service.

Hillary Alderdice

Graphic Designer

Hillary Alderdice is a graphic designer and creative pioneer who’s been adding colour to branding and marketing materials for over five years. From promotional launches and presentations to print editorial spreads and game design, Hillary applies her imaginative eye to visual designs, helping clients across industries to blaze a trail and stand out from their crowd
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